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Psychotherapeutic Services of Florida, Inc. (PSF) provides the Florida Department of Juvenile Jusitice with detention screeners for their Orange and Osceola County Detention Screening Unit. Prior to a youth being accepted for Detention Screening, PSF completes the Probation Medical and Mental Health Clearance Form to determine eligibility. We then perform a screening on all youth admitted to the Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC) using authorized screening tools including the Department’s Positive Achievement Change Tool (PACT), Suicide Risk Screening Instrument (SRSI) and the Detention Risk Assessment Instrument (DRAI), etc. The DRAI determines where the youth meets the detention criteria. The screening criteria is based on Florida laws and statues and is utilized to offer recommendations to the State’s Attorney office for non-judical adjudication, and to determine the Detention status of each youth. PSF processes an average of 500-600 juveniles monthly, sets court dates, makes referrals for judicial handling or non-judical handling, recommends an appropriate Diversion Program if applicable, completes the State’s Attormey recommendation on all new charges, informs Juveniles Probation Officers of all new charges, Detention Orders, Court Orders and all referrals made during the detention screening process, and makes contact with all agencies, parents, and guardians in concert with the needs of the juvenile.

Population Served

Juveniles 18 years of age and younger as assessed by the Detention Screening Unit, this also includes youth up to age 19 for violation of juvenile probation and/or juvenile custody orders.

Fees & Charges

Orange County Detention Screening charges no fees to youths or their families for the services provided. Funding for services is provided under contract with the Department of Juvenile Justice.

Hours of Operation

Detention Screeners are available for screening 24 hours daily seven days a week including weekends and holidays.

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